guinea pig vs hamster

Guinea Pig vs Hamster

Guinea pig or Hamster, which one is more suitable for you as a pet? Or maybe you are thinking about getting a guinea pig and a hamster to live together? Well, read on. We are going to detail absolutely everything that you need to know about them.

Guinea Pig vs Hamster as a Pet

guinea pig vs hamster
Guinea Pig vs Hamster

They might seem similar to handle, but they have major differences between each other.

Guinea Pigs are bigger than hamsters. This directly reflects on the size of the cage you’ll need to have.

The hamster’s cage needs to be extra secure since these small creatures are masters in the art of escaping. Their small body can fit in very small places and you need to be extra careful when cleaning and opening the cage.

If you let hamsters roam freely around your apartment, you might have trouble finding them, as they like to hide under beds, sofas, between cabinets, etc.

Compared to the guinea pigs, hamsters can live their whole life in their cage. This needs to be considered if you are mostly working and just don’t have enough time to play with your pet.

Guinea Pigs are very social. That is why you must not keep them in their cage all their life.

They can live up to about 8 years. That means you’ve got to commit to them. You have to become friends and adapt to each other’s character. But that becomes an easy task if you are giving the piggies enough attention and care.

The hamster life expectancy isn’t so long. They live up to three years.

Regarding their diet, the majority of the guinea pig’s daily diet should be hay and vegetables, while hamsters adore foods such as nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, and some veggies.

How to Decide Which One is Better for You?

Guinea pigs are very social and demanding for attention. They also take great commitment. However, they reward you with cuddles and affection.

While hamsters aren’t that requiring in terms of attention. They aren’t as social as the piggies, that’s why they prefer sleeping during the day. Hamsters are much harder to tame. But looking after hamsters is much easier than it is for guinea pigs.

It’s simple – if you want to be able to commit more to your pet, want cuddles and affection, your choice should be a guinea pig.

If you are mostly working or just don’t have enough time to play with your pet, but still want to look after a companion, your choice should be a hamster.

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Can a Guinea Pig and a Hamster Live Together and Get Along?

If you are thinking about getting guinea pigs and hamsters to live together, then think again. It isn’t going to work. In fact, putting them together to share the same cage, or even to play together, is going to be a recipe for disaster. Shall we take a little look at the reasons as to why?

Hamsters Are Solitary Animals, Guinea Pigs Are Not

In the wild, hamsters are solitary creatures (more on this in a second). Guinea pigs are sociable animals. It is likely that the guinea pig would enjoy the company of the hamster (although, it would probably prefer another guinea pig), but under absolutely no circumstances would the hamster enjoy having the guinea pig kicking around.

Not to mention the fact that the guinea pig is far larger than the hamster, and the hamster doesn’t know that the guinea pig is not a predator. It is going to be absolutely terrified.

Guinea Pigs and Hamsters are territorial

If you have looked into owning a hamster before (or you own one), then you will know that you should never put a hamster with another one. They are going to fight, and they are going to get aggressive with one another.

If you can’t get a hamster to share a space with another hamster, then you don’t really stand a chance of getting it to enjoy a space with a guinea pig.

The problem is that both of the animals are going to be quite aggressive when it comes to defending their home. If you have a guinea pig and a hamster living together in the same cage, then they are going to fight.

You will be surprised at how much the hamster is willing to fight too, despite the guinea pig being much bigger than it. They won’t fight constantly, but they will be making hissing and squeaking sounds at one another.

Long story short; if you have both of them in the same cage, then they will probably end up injuring one another or maybe killing one another.

They Are Awake At Different Times Of the Day

Have you ever lived with somebody that has a wildly different sleeping schedule to you? Well, that is what it is going to be like for the guinea pig and the hamster.

During the day, the guinea pig is going to be awake. When it wants to rest of an evening, the hamster is going to be waking up. They will be annoying each other.

Because they are both prey animals, they are going to be constantly on the edge when they are sharing a cage with one another, which means that neither of them are going to be getting that much in the way of sleep, which is going to lead to irritation, and it may even lead to sickness.

Basically, it is not going to be a good thing at all.

Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Don’t Share Food

Even if the two could share the same cage without getting territorial, you need to remember that the two of them do not eat the same type of food. The food for a guinea pig is wildly different from that of a hamster.

There may be a small amount of overlap on occasion, but that is going to be minimal. You don’t want a guinea pig eating hamster food, or the other way around. Neither would get the nutrition that they need.

Since you don’t have control over which animal is eating what in the cage, they simply can’t live with one another. They would both end up getting sick.

To cap it all off; the two animals would likely fight over the food that is in their cage, and the guinea pig would win every single day. You are going to end up with an injured hamster.

Can Hamster and Guinea Pig Play Together?

We are pretty sure that you have already worked out the answer to this. However, the two animals will not be able to play together, even under supervision. Their personality and needs will be too different from one another.

If you absolutely must own a guinea pig and a hamster, you should never let them come into contact with one another under any circumstances. It just will not work.