guinea pig and cat

Guinea Pig and Cat

Right off the bat; we want to say that while a cat and a guinea pig can live together, it is not advisable. On this page, we are going to take a look at a few of the reasons as to why. We will also talk a little bit about how a guinea pig and a cat can live in the same house together, potentially .

Can Guinea Pig and Cat Live Together?

guinea pig and cat

To an extent, it is. However, it is not recommended. Obviously, in the wild, cats are going to be predators. Guinea pigs are going to be prey animals.

This means that right off of the bat they are going to be natural enemies. Even if the cat is domesticated, you are not going to be able to eradicate its natural instinct.

You could potentially train your cat to not harm your guinea pig, but even if you did do that, it is not recommended to leave the two in the same room alone. It is just like having a dog and a baby.

No matter how well you train your dog, you would never leave it in a room alone with a baby, would you?

A guinea pig and a cat could possibly live with one another. In fact, many people have them living in the same home. However, they should not come into contact with one another.

Although, obviously, this is something which is going to be difficult. You probably do want your cat to have free roam of the household.

One thing that is interesting to note is that, more often than not, the cat is going to be more scared of the guinea pig. If a guinea pig is cooped up in a cage, then the cat will start to feel a bit more dominant, but when that guinea pig is free-roaming, then the cat may back off a little bit.

Well, at least until it gets a bit more used to the guinea pig. However, even then, it is going to be somewhat of a risk to have the two of them together in the same room completely unattended.

Introducing the Cat To the Guinea Pig

guinea pig and cat

Even if you are not going to have the cat and the guinea pig in the same room together alone, you are still going to need to introduce the two to one another. This will be an incredibly slow process.

The real purpose is to show the cat that the guinea pig should be treated with respect, that they are not a prey creature. That, and that the cat shouldn’t be scared of the guinea pig. Remember; the cat is going to pick up a few behaviors from you, so if you indicate that the guinea pig is not a threat, then the cat will feel the same.

During the introductory phase, you will want to hold the guinea pig. Let the cat come close and sniff the guinea pig a little bit. Obviously, do not allow it to become violent. If it becomes violent, then you need to instantly separate the two.

Even if it is the smallest hint of violence. If you don’t do this, then the cat could easily kill the guinea pig within seconds.

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How To Have a Cat and a Guinea Pig Living In the Same Home

At all times, you are going to want to ensure that the guinea pig is in a cage that is completely closed. The cat should not be able to enter the cage from the top.

Although, it may still be able to paw inside. However, if you can get a cage with the bars ever so slightly together, this is probably going to be a bit better for the guinea pig.

As you may know, your guinea pig is going to need to free roam for a short while each day. At this time, you will need to keep the door closed (or keep the cat in a separate room).

This will help to prevent the two coming into contact with each other when they are alone. You can have the cat in the same room, but we can’t stress how important it is that you are within arm’s reach of the guinea pig at all times. The cat can strike at a moment’s notice.

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