can guinea pigs eat apples

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

People love apples. Apples are sweet, edible fruit and they may be one of the most healthy foods for you to include in your daily diet.  They are high in fiber, vitamin C, and various antioxidants.  But, can guinea pigs eat apples?

In general, guinea pigs are known to be extremely fond of apples. If you give them a slice of an apple, it will be like a candy to them. Guinea pigs love apples, apple branches and leaves.

So, the short answer is yes , guinea pigs can eat apples.

Apples are incredibly safe to eat, in fact.

Although, you will probably want to take a few precautions to ensure that they are safe for the guinea pigs to eat.

They are safe but that doesn’t mean that guinea pigs can eat apples very often. Apples should serve more as an occasional treat, as a dessert. Not as their primary food.

Slices of an apple can be given once or twice a week.

can guinea pigs eat apples

How Much Apples Can Guinea Pig Have?

You shouldn’t be feeding a guinea pig that much at all. In fact, the apples will be an occasional treat for the pig. They shouldn’t be eating them every single day.

Guinea pigs should have not more than 1-2 slices of an apple, once or twice a week. This is your safe limit!

No more than 1/8th of the apple per pig per feeding as they are high in sugars.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Leaves?

can guinea pigs eat apples

Apple leaves are safe for guinea pigs. Even fresh branches and twigs from apple trees. They love to chew them.

However, you need to make sure they are not sprayed with pesticides and that the leaves are healthy with no rusting or mildew.

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Are Apples Bad For Guinea pigs?

Due to the apple’s high sugar concentration, they can possibly get bacterial dis-balance within their digestive system.

Moreover, they can get used to the sweet taste of the apple (or any fruit in general) and start avoiding their normal healthy food.

Remember, they are just like us and an imbalance in their diet can prove really problematic.

Exercise caution and moderation when feeding apples to your guinea pigs.

Like any other fruit, apples should be given in moderation and your pet will have long and healthy life.

Always wash the apples before giving it to your guinea pig.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple Seeds?

No, absolutely not. Take the seeds out though they’re bad for the pigs. Apple seeds contain cyanide, which is poisonous. Eating too many apple seeds can potentially be fatal.

Guinea pigs can have apples without steam and seeds. Take them out before giving an apple to your guinea pigs.

At the end, just like with any other fruit, try to introduce it slowly in their diet. Give your pigs a small piece to see if they have a bad reaction to it. If they have no reaction, give them a bit more. But, as mentioned earlier not more than a slice once or twice a week.