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Best Toys For Guinea Pigs To Chew

The guinea pig cannot be cooped up in a cage all day, but sometimes, even a guinea pig that has a lot of space can become “bad”. The main reason is that the pig is bored, so you need to provide them with a variety of fun guinea pig toys to chew them.

Guinea pigs enjoy chewing. It is in their nature and it is perfectly normal to them. Chewing things is extremely important for their teeth as well. Especially for keeping their incisor teeth at a manageable length.

You can always make some DIY guinea pig toys like: old boxes, baskets, snacks, toothbrushes, baby toys that can be pushed, wooden sticks. However if you are willing to spend some money then we have carefully choose the best toys for guinea pigs.

Top 10 Guinea Pig Toys

1. JanYoo Guinea Pig Chews Toys 

guinea pig toys to chew

One thing is sure, that your guinea pigs will never be bored again with this set of toys.

These toys are made from natural wood which is not toxic for the animals. The apple sticks will ensure healthy growth of guinea pig’s teeth.

Maybe the best choice considering its affordable price.

2. JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys Accessories Chew

guinea pig toys to chew

Great set of guinea pig toys made from non-toxic natural wood. Perfect for keeping your piggies away from cables and furniture.

Made from natural apple tree with sweet taste, the guinea pig chew toys taste can stimulate the animal to chew and develop the habit of grinding teeth. It has metal chains and hooks preventing the pieces from falling off.

3. 6 Pack Fun Toy Balls for Guinea Pigs

guinea pig toys to chew

Great toys for guinea pigs to roll around, bounce and play , while in the same time satisfying their natural instinct to chew things.

By chewing these balls, which you can fill it with hay, the guinea pigs will get their required teeth care.

They are made from natural materials, sea grass and bamboo.

4. FLOURITHING 3 Types of Combined, Guinea Pig Chew Molar Sticks Toys

guinea pig toys for fun and chew

If your guinea pigs eat the same chewing stick for a long time, it will make them bored. But, in this set of chewing sticks for guinea pigs we have a mix of apple branch, timothy stick and a sweet Bamboo.

The piggies are known to love the sweet taste of bamboo and they will enjoy it.

Chewing the bamboo sticks, improve immunity, enrich various trace elements, improve calcium absorption and retention.

5. Niteangel Nature’s Hideaway Grass Chew Toys For Guinea Pigs

Grass Hut with Play and Chew Toys for guinea pigs. They are made from 100% natural materials satisfying your guinea pig’s natural instinct to burrow, explore and nest.

6. Living World Hagen Tunnel Toy For Guinea Pigs

guinea pigs tunnel

All guinea pigs love tunnels and hideout toys. The tunnel measures 5.9 inch diameter by 35.4 inch length.

We absolutely recommend this guinea pig tunnel! We have never seen our piggies happier, they go round and round through it for hours.

7. Wobe Pack of 8 Guinea Pig Toys

A perfect set of 8 guinea pig toys for fun, chew and scratch.

Made from piggy safe materials this guinea pig toys set includes Watermelon Balls, Small Bell Roller, Bell Roller, Dumbbell, Unicycle, Squared molar block with rope, Willow Branch Ball and 100g Apple tree branches.

These set of toys will provide hours of fun for the piggies!

8. Small Animals 3-Way Play Guinea Pigs Tunnel 

Guinea pigs love tunnels and hideout places.

This tunnel is made from of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester and it measures diameter of 4.7 inches while each tube is 7.4 inches long.

You will love how easy it is to be cleaned and wiped down. But the piggies will definitely love it more.

9. JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed

Guineas are active creatures that like having a place of their own. So this bed hidden in the corner of their enclosure with some walls up would be a place of paradise for them.

It measures 9.84″L x 8.07″W x 3.94”H.

10. Corner Fleece Forest Hideout for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are a prey animals so they need lots of places they can run and hide.

Great hideout place for, very cute, and easy to hang. Guinea pigs will love to hide behind it. 

It is big and sturdy enough to full grown guinea pigs.